Our Services

Great care. Provided with love.


Keep them company, listen and chat with them. Carry out activities (games) to get them excited.


Taking care of house chores like dish washing, laundry and ironing, house cleaning, tidying up after them etc.


Help with regular exercise and fitness activities to keep them healthy and active.

Running Errands

Picking up groceries, delivering packages, calling up a relative etc

Personal Care & Hygiene

Caregivers help with bathing, changing clothes and diapers, trimming nails/hairs.

Meal preparation

Preparing healthy and nutritious meals to boost immune system and provide strength for daily activities.

Medication reminder

Keep track of their prescriptions, ensure medication is taken at the right time in the right doses.


Assist in providing safe, affordable and convenient transport services when needed.

With CaringHand, you and your loved ones enjoy:

Progress monitoring

Help family, friends and next-of-kin to track and monitor the progress and health status of their loved ones.

Quality service

We are passionate about caring for the elderly. We give them love and attention. We love to do it!

Available 24hrs

Round the clock service to cater for your loved ones.

Flexible pricing

We do this because we love doing it. Our pricing is flexible. Give us a call.

We'd love to hear from you

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20 Aluguntuguntu Street, East Legon.

PMB CT 13, Accra, Ghana

+233 246-614-835

+233 560-243-273

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